Autogrill’s new era…and a lovely tribute

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“This is our first official gathering as two teams united in one vision and in one project.” The words of José Maria Palencia, who heads the combined WDF-Aldeasa travel retail organisation, as he welcomed guests to the Autogrill-owned company’s cocktail party on Monday night in Cannes.

Palencia paid tribute to the group’s brand partners, and emphasised that “we are now writing a common history, with your vision and your effort. You have been great partners for us, and we have been riding the wave that you have created.”

He added a moving tribute to The Moodie Report Founder and Chairman Martin Moodie, who cannot be in Cannes this year due to his recovery from illness. Palencia noted how the two had discussed the importance of celebrating life, over a recent dinner in London.

“We discussed many things, from growing up, both personally and professionally, to adopting an attitude of serenity towards whatever the world throws at you,” said Palencia. “And we agreed that the most important thing we have is life. Martin, we hope to see you very soon and to celebrate with you.”

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