Here’s Jonny!!

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Regular readers of The Moodie Report – and certainly those who know its Kiwi publisher – will know that affinity towards the English rugby team falls rather low in our list of passions.

But we make one honourable exception – namely the world’s second-greatest number 10 (behind Dan Carter of course), Jonny Wilkinson.It was Jonny, of course, who broke Australian hearts (and what Kiwi could object to that?) in the last Rugby World Cup with his wonderfully nerveless drop goal in extra time.

And this weekend, after 1,169 days out, the injury-wracked star makes his return to the red-rosed white jumper.After a terrible run of injuries affecting his neck, shoulder, arms, knees, groin, appendix and kidney (he should never have eaten that steak), the 27 year-old is back. And England will be much the better for it.

Yes we love Jonny. Not only does he slay Aussies but he signs Moodie Reports! For pride of place in The Moodie Report office – at least until we bump into Dan Carter or Riche McCaw in an airport shop – goes to a Jonny Wilkinson-signed issue of our Print Edition (pictured).

It was kindly supplied to us by perennial and hopelessly one-eyed English rugby fan, Jonathan ‘Chaps’ Holland, head of dynamic Singapore-based travel retail agency Jonathan Holland & Associates. Bless him, but Chaps has had precious little to celebrate in English rugby over the last 60 years, so like most of his countrymen is determined to freeze the 2003 moment in time. Hence his desire to get Jonny to sign a copy of The Moodie Report when he bumped into him at Heathrow recently. Like the good sport he is, the England star (and obvious student of quality literature) obliged without hesitation.Thanks Chaps. And thanks Jonny. On the eve of the bionic man’s comeback, any bidders for this limited edition before it plummets in value later this year?

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  • But having watched the England-Ireland game THIS Saturday I feel my asset has just depreciated sharply! All the best – Martin

  • Martin – after Saturday’s performance perhaps your asset has everlasting value…………….
    What a comeback, What a Star!