Singapore swings and slings on the Tulis’ simulated fairways

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Pitch & PUtt_Small

[Sunil Tuli, Susan Whelan of King Power (Thailand) and Martin Moodie]

Some of the travel retail industry’s more talented and eccentric golf swings were on display in Singapore last week and The Moodie Report was on hand with a fast shutter speed camera to capture the action.

The occasion was an informal introduction to the Greens on Screens golf simulator business being run by Karan and Karuna Tuli, son and daughter of King Power Group (HK) Travel Retail & Duty Free Managing Director Sunil Tuli.

Tuli senior also  owns a Singapore company called Yam Seng, which has the distribution rights for Greens on Screens’ unique GolfTek USA technology system.

Sunil’s delightful son and daughter (clearly both chips off the old block) Karan and Karuna recently opened the first Greens on Screens at a location they have dubbed ‘Pitch & Chips’ (bad pun humour runs deep in the Tuli blood) in downtown Singapore. This was the venue for an informal get together of some of the industry’s leading retailers and suppliers during a quick break from the TFWA Asia Pacific show, and a chance for the Tulis to explain how the system might work in an airport environment.

Judging by our experience, both Greens on Screens and Pitch & Chips will be winners. The Singapore outlet offers excellent, informal food, a relaxed bar area and a pleasant ambience in the golfing area where up to four players can ‘play’ a range of world-famous courses.

Impressively, the business donates a percentage of revenues to The Adam Scott Foundation, a charity formed by the famous Australian golfer. It helps underprivileged children through educational platforms, such as university grants, and a new autism grants programme.

One of the industry’s top golfers, Dubai Duty Free Managing Director Colm McLoughlin, was on hand but his recent hip operation prevented him playing. Similarly one of the channel’s worst players, The Moodie Report Chairman, was deemed insufficiently recovered from his recent illness to be trusted with a golf club in the company of so many industry luminaries.

But that didn’t matter – instead up stepped Rémy Cointreau GTR Managing Director Peter Sant to fill the Moodie shoes, while ace golfer and former Aer Rianta International-Middle East (and now company consultant) John Sutcliffe provided a touch of Middle East class.

Peter Sant eyes target_Small

[Note the exacting look as Peter Sant targets the green with deadly precision] 

Readers can judge the quality of swings for themselves from the photos on this page. Despite suggestions that Peter (above and below) might be a danger to shipping, the stance, waggle (both club and him), swing and follow through suggest he could be a VSOP (very solid organised player) in time.

Pitch & Putt 4_Small

[And prepares to launch a trademark drive; note the classic, ‘bottom out’ stance]

Peter Sant Blur_Small

[Fore! A blur of action as the Sant swing makes solid contact… with the trees on the right]

Despite a crocked knee, John (below) split the fairway with a couple of good shots, while Tuli senior confirmed that his standard industry handicap of 21 should be reviewed after a series of piercing drives and fairway irons.

John 1_Small

John 2_Small

All in all it’s a great concept, supporting a great cause. And it may soon be coming to an airport near you.

Sunil 1_Small

[Karan Tuli (right) gives father Sunil a few swing tips]

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