To sniff or to swallow…?

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Amen Pure Malt Seasoned industry observers will have noted for some time that certain fragrances and spirits offerings seem to have more and more in common, in terms of packaging and advertising, at least. Taking things one step further, however, is Thierry Mugler’s (Clarins Group) new AMen Pure Malt, the latest incarnation within the brand’s “Les Liqueurs de Parfums” collection.

The concept, which dovetails perfectly with the house’s innovative, avant-garde positioning, began in 2007, when Mugler unveiled a version of its Angel feminine fragrance called “La Part des Anges”, created by letting an extract of Angel age in a cherry wood cask to obtain an extremely distilled fragrance.

AMen Pure Malt was created following a collaboration with master cooper Seguin Moreau. The result is a limited-edition woody malt scent with a hint of peat, presented in a bottle whose “anatomical fuselage” was inspired by a whisky flask.

“Discover the fusion between AMen and the world of spirits thanks to a patented method inspired by traditional techniques used to produce the finest whiskies,” the packaging declares.

“AMen Pure Malt is aged in oak casks to reveal a fragrance imbued with elegance, intensifying a lingering note that is subtly peaty and exceptionally noble.”

For those consumers still wondering whether they should sniff it or swallow it, the outer carton helpfully advises: “Do not drink”.

But what a great way to indulge in the delights of the grain – without the drawback of an accompanying hangover.

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