Replacing the batteries on Koh Samui

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With the Bangkok Bureau closed down, it’s on to Koh Samui before the long flight down to Australia in coming days.

The island has a tiny but lovely little airport and you’ve just got to love the quirky coach transport from the plane to the terminal. My batteries are not so much run down after Trinity as in need of full replacement and this may just be the perfect place to allow that.

If the Wi-Fi is good (and here at the Hansar Samui it is), then The Moodie Davitt Report can function just as well on the road as it does from back at the London HQ. The view from my desk here may just edge any comparison, however.

The Moodie Davitt Report Interim Koh Samui Bureau opens for business
Winging it into Koh Samui

Time to check out the downtown ‘travel retail’ offer. What was that about duty free offering big savings over the local market? A suit, a shirt and two ties for US$47. Really?
However, you get what you pay for, as they say. I wonder what a ‘genuine fake’ (as opposed to a fake fake?) Armani suit looks like?