My final final call from Heathrow

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Decisions, decisions…

I’ve just opened up a highly Interim Moodie Davitt Report Bureau at British Airways’ brilliant Heathrow Terminal 5 lounge, a place in which I have spent many hours this year.

Heathrow is getting dressed up in its festive finery
Actually it was excellent, thank you for asking Heathrow Airport. And, yes, I am happy.

It’s a dreary, dank, chilblain-creating, cold Saturday night in London and I’m headed to Asia on my last business trip of the year, my final fortnight on the road.

I’ve got a lot of work to get through on the plane tonight so there’ll be no movies for me, just the fascination of the moving map to keep me company while I crunch a few thousand words.

I tend to cut my airport arrivals a tad on the fine side and tonight is no exception, so there’s just time to write this short Blog and peruse BA’s usually excellent wine selection.

Tonight is a case in point with a brilliant Godello (from Spain and right up there with New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc for zest and freshness in my view); a rare airline lounge sighting of an Alsatian Riesling (Q. How do you make an Alsation wine? A. Pull its tail, of course); an oaked South African Chenin Blanc (also a rare sight, inside or outside an airline lounge); an intriguing Santa Barbara County blend (Grenache blanc, Viognier, Roussanne, Marsanne); or a choice of Henriot Champagnes. Decisions decisions…

In the end, on the basis that if I type with both hands then I should surely drink with both as well, I settled on the Godello and the Riesling. I adore Alsace and its wines and this one did not disappoint. Delicate and slighty honeyed on the first sip but finishing long, clean and just a touch off-dry. Lovely. Alsace is the most under-rated wine region on the planet. The Coroa Godello? Alluring floral aromas, lots of tropical fruit character and the fresh minerality typical of the grape. What a shame it will soon be final call. My final final call as it were for this year from Heathrow. Not for this Blog though; I look forward to bringing you impressions from Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan in coming days. Three weeks to Christmas, just three more Interim Bureauxs to opens.

Is it just me or is there something shady about that horse in the British Airways lounge?
I love JCDecaux’s ‘T5 Immersion’ digital advertising platform, just beyond security en route to the British Airways lounge. What fantastically engaging communication.

And how about this from Jo Malone London? A lovely showcase inside the British Airways lounge that allows guests to sample the fragrances and even try to ‘pick up’ a free gift in fairground style (below).

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