42… and still going, going… gone!

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

No it wasn’t Joe Lyons (DFS North America Vice President Business Development). And no it wasn’t Heribert (Harry) Maria Diehl.

The correct answer to our recent question, ‘Which leading duty free retailer celebrated his 42nd year in the business this week (i.e. the first week of June)?’ was… you (or most of you) guessed it, Colm McLoughlin, Managing Director of Dubai Duty Free.

Our clues were that he is a former bus conductor (pictured below); that he once worked on a pig farm; that his two brothers both played international rugby and he once sold 1,000 Beatles records in a single day. Oh yes, and that he’s also a living legend within this industry.

mystery man

The two brothers are Ray and Feidlim. The latter once famously commented that he and his brother had won 41 Irish caps between them, not telling the reporter that Ray had 40 of them…

So Colm, featured in our new ‘Never Hide’ (in association with Luxottica) interview this week, is indeed ’42 (years in duty free, just a tad older in actual age) and still going strong.

Of our many correct answers we drew Patrick Dorais, Commercial Director of Chocolats & Cacaos Favarger, out of the hat.


We thought about a suitable prize – a private dinner with Colm McLoughlin perhaps? But after much thought we settled on a ticket in Dubai Duty Free’s ‘Finest Surprise’ raffle draw, courtesy of The Moodie Report. Patrick’s fine detective work means he has the chance to win a luxury motor vehicle in a forthcoming draw.

Finally, we can officially confirm that Harry Diehl never worked as a bus conductor.


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