A pure ace from a real ace bloke

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


Word has reached The Moodie Blog that popular Aer Rianta International-Middle East executive Dan Cappell scored his first ace yesterday, playing for the Bahrain ‘Real Blokes’ in a local golf tournament. 

News came through to Moodie HQ from an astounded Bahrain Duty Free General Manager Maurice (‘Mossie”) Burke who like most of the industry had hitherto struggled to put together in the same sentence the following words (a barn door; from six paces; couldn’t hit; Cappell). 

But his new life in Bahrain is obviously suiting the former Nestlé International Travel Retail and Abu Dhabi Duty Free executive (pictured driving off the first tee in Cannes last year – the ball is just out of shot in the grass ahead of him), whose game has always shown a liking for the sand.

And his all round performance is rumoured to have taken a distinct turn for the better following intensive Irish efforts to change his swing and his accent.

Dan achieved his ace at the 195 yard par 3 6th hole at the Riffa Golf Club in Bahrain. In reverent, croaky tones reminiscent of Peter Alliss crossed with a man who’d been up celebrating his achievement all night with a bunch of Irish rugby supporters, he told The Moodie Blog: “195 yards… hit the best 4 iron of my life, all over the hole, landed 3 foot from the pin rolled up and fell in. Pure magic!” 

But besides dropping into a little circle on a golfing green, hole in ones tend to have one other downside – they are expensive. Not only did O’Cappellini as he is known these days by his Irish colleagues have to stand a round for the entire clubhouse, but the day coincided with the Riffa’s biggest charity event of the year. 

Then of course there was the Ireland-England rugby international viewed live at the clubhouse a few hours later, where the English golfing ace’s true colours emerged – to further great cost as the Irish stormed to victory. Truly a day where O’Cappellini lost money on the greens.

Could yesterday’s momentous achievement put an end forever to jibes about Dan’s golfing abilities – and his famed Can’t Read a Putt alias? In a word no. “I scored 5 points on that hole and only scored 24 in the whole round,” he tells us. “I had 4 blobs after the hole in one as I was still in shock…” So are we all Dan, so are we all. But once again, you’ve proved yourself a real ace – and a real bloke. 

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  • Dan, Dan, Dan – fantastic news, brilliant, well done. However, you’ve left us with a problem,as Moodie-san alludes to, who now gets the ‘Can’t Read a Putt’ (CRAP) award at the Alternatives??? Chaps

  • Great news to hear that O’Cappellini got a hole in one on the 6th. Pity he was playing his tee shot on the 7th. at the time!!

  • Have you seen my golf socks? I got a hole in one, too.
    Anyway, well done Cappellini. Doesnt prove you are a good golfer, and the $100 bet is still on.

  • Unbelievable, absolutelty unbelievable ! Get the man to start playing rugby for England, we need miracles and obviously Dan now has a direct line with someone upstairs !! well done Dante !!