A six-pack with a difference

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


Bahrain Duty Free has sold plenty of  six-packs in its time. Usually cans of Heineken or Amstel, cartons of Nido milk powder or multi-packs of best-selling confectionery such as Jewels.

But the multi-award winning retailer has really outdone itself with its latest mega-promotion – The Magnificent Six x 2.

The six is a reference not to cans of beer but to six luxury vehicles – a Mercedes S350L, a Lexus LS460, a BMWX5, an Infiniti FX35, a Cadillac Escalade and a Jaguar S-Type. Any passenger buying a raffle ticket costing BD80 (US$212) goes into the draw to win the six vehicles – with two lucky winners landing the greatest six-pack in the history of duty free.

The Moodie Report has been trying to win a car, any car – please Mr Maurice Burke we’ll settle for a die-cast Corgi miniature, if you just let us win once – at Bahrain Duty Free for years.

Now we’ve got our heart set on six. From now on all trips to Asia will be re-routed through Bahrain; face-to-face interviews with Aer Rianta International-Middle East boss John Sutcliffe will be conducted on a weekly basis; and the scant Moodie Report cash reserves will be ploughed back into a commendable method of investing in our industry.

Mind you we might need to win. Next month’s Rugby World Cup looks like pitching the mighty All Blacks against the Irish in the quarter finals. The current level of losses to Irishman Sutcliffe that will be experienced by The Moodie Report Publisher should the mighty men in black lose their way against O’Driscoll’s imposters has our financial backers (i.e. Mrs Moodie Report) currently experiencing sleepless nights.


The perfect result of course will be that the All Blacks win the rugby and the Publisher wins the cars. The only problem will be what to do with them when we does. Parking may be an issue. Ok we could give one away to All Black skipper Richie McCaw (pictured) in gratitude. But that still leaves five…

Still we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. And who knows, Maurice Burke (who will celebrate his 38th year with Aer Rianta on the day of the quarter-final – hopefully that’s not a sign) is such a good sport he’ll probably throw in a GWP – a garage with purchase.

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