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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.
Martin Moodie

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The Aussies and Welsh stole our best coaches; the French stole our dreams; now the Irish and the English are coming to our fine shores to steal our glory.

Oh it’s hard to be a rugby-loving Kiwi publisher living on the wrong side of the world, especially during the current sporting gloom that hangs blacker than Dan Carter’s jumper over my homeland.

The Irish, on a roll since Munster’s glory in the European Cup, are pretty confident of knocking over the new-look All Blacks coached by the decidedly old-look Graham Henry. Or they seem to be, judging by all the pumped up e-mails landing in my in-box with the pinpoint accuracy of a Ronan O’Gara spiral punt.

As we know, there are plenty of ‘World Rovers’ from Ireland in the duty free trade. All of them, from Shannon to St Petersburg, Bahrain to Beirut, Dublin to Domodedovo to Dubai, will be gathered around a television somewhere – usually involving an Irish bar – come Saturday evening New Zealand time as the boys in green try to make history with their first ever victory over the mighty Blacks.

Can they do it? They won’t get many better chances. My mother was Irish so I always follow them as my second team. So in the spirit of generosity that marks this business, I’ll indeed be cheering them on to come second again on Saturday.

If they don’t, my in-box is going to be mighty busy over the coming days. And I’ll buy all our Irish readers a pint of Guinness when I next see them…

[POSTSCRIPT: Phew, a close thing… that result has just saved The Moodie Report several thousand pounds.]

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  • Martin – Good luck to you & your experimental AB side and also good luck to the hyped-up boys in green. This is good for rugby and being an ‘out & out’ POM I will be watching it for the pure entertainment – whilst of course flwg the cricket avidly!! Cheers Chaps.