A true Nuance-Watson (HK) exclusive as Eau de Piovesana fragrance is launched in unique collaboration between The Estée Lauder Companies and The Moodie Report

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


Nuance-Watson (HK) Managing Director for North Asia Alessandra Piovesana prides herself on her knowledge of the fragrances and cosmetics market. And she is always up to date with the latest consumer trends and brand launches.

But at the recent TFWA Asia Pacific in Singapore she admits to being caught completely unawares by a new launch produced by The Estée Lauder Companies, in a surprise association with The Moodie Report.

A few weeks back on The Moodie Blog, we applauded Nuance-Watson HK’s superb ‘We Support’ campaign, designed to re-energise both employees and travellers amid the financial crisis and resultant industry downturn.

That campaign, led by the effervescent Alessandra, has helped boost penetration and spending at a critically vulnerable time for the industry.

We wrote: “If you could just bottle her spirit – as an Eau de Piovesana (EdP) – the travel retail channel would be a better place.”

Well, courtesy of the great assistance of The Estée Lauder Companies – and in particular President, Travel Retailing – Worldwide Olivier Bottrie – the travel retail channel is indeed now a better place.

Unbeknowns to anyone at Nuance-Watson (HK), the dedicated Lauder team had been working on this unique collaboration for weeks, rushing through what must surely rank as the year’s most memorable launch.

On the eve of the Singapore show, the first bottle – replete with beautiful boxed packaging – was rushed from New York, just in time for the surprise unveiling.

Olivier had the perfect launch venue and occasion – a Lauder-hosted private dinner for Alessandra and her team. The Moodie Report Publisher just happened to have ‘dropped in’ for a casual drink with Olivier as the Nuance-Watson (HK) team arrived.

Within minutes all was revealed.  I noted how the idea had arisen, commenting: “I could sense the fragrance’s top note of optimism; middle notes of spirit and passion; and end note of determination. Alas, I was jut a maker of words – not a maker of fragrances. But I knew someone who was…”


Cue Olivier, who after a touching tribute to Alessandra, detailed the real structure of the scent, noting: “It’s exclusive to you… it’s a beautiful orange blosoom with a chypre background.”  [It also features neroli and bergamot, supported by touches of patchouli, white moss and amber -Ed].



The world’s newest fragrance ‘face’ and inspiration was momentarily stunned as her team and all present burst into applause while she accepted the fragrance from Olivier.

“Oh my goodness…” she said, stunned. And that precisely, is what this one-off  ‘launch’ was all about – a recognition of the goodness and the spirit of one of travel retail’s most remarkable individuals.

So next time you see Alessandra, and you note a heady scent of orange blossom, you’ll know she is wearing the new Eau de Piovesana (EdP), pictured below, from The Estée Lauder Companies – like its inspiration, a true travel retail exclusive.


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