Above and beyond the call of Duty (Free Philippines)

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Meet the Coffee Table Committee at Duty Free Philippines.

These are the amazing people who worked around the clock over the past few weeks with me and The Moodie Report production team (heroic sub-editor Jon Elphick and top-notch designer Ray Heath) to produce ‘Duty Free Philippines 25 Years – Aquino to Aquino’, a coffee table book that honours the state-owned retailer’s 25th anniversary.

For the team (from left to right: Des V. Dela Cuadra, Debbie F. Ongsip, Cris A. Capili, Vico A. Angala, Lito Gruela, Peaches D.R. Torres, Jenny F. Start and Lui B. Recto) this was a labour of love.

Without their research, and passion for the company and project, the book would never have happened.

They’ll see the results of their labours early next month when the book is unveiled at the Malacañang Palace (the official home of the Philippine president) – a hugely exciting occasion for the DFP team, and for me (I’m flying out to Manila next weekend especially for the event).

DFP will then launch the book to the travel retail industry at an invitation-only cocktail party on 15 May at the TFWA Asia Pacific show in Singapore. Other delegates to the show will be able to pick up a copy from the exhibition press racks the next day (we’ll also mail out copies and publish the book digitally to our entire readership).

It’s a compelling read, I promise you. This is an organisation that was born out of revolution, which has enjoyed the euphoria of success, battled through traumas, and emerged with spirit intact and ambition burning brightly as it celebrates 25 momentous years.

All that time, its people have been its collective, beating heart. And none have more heart than the members of the Coffee Table Book Committee, all of whom, I’m delighted to say, you will be able to meet at the Singapore show.

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