Abu Dhabi sets the pace

Abu Dhabi played host to an extraordinary day – and an extraordinary night, as the Formula 1 show concluded on Sunday. The Moodie Report was there as a guest of Abu Dhabi Airports Company, and saw Lewis Hamilton of McLaren capture the top prize, after rival Sebastien Vettel of Red Bull spun out of the race on the first lap.

The race proved a terrific showcase for Abu Dhabi, with the quality both of the main event and the social side earning high praise from the teams and from visitors.

After the race we had the privilege of attending a concert by Sir Paul Macartney, who at 72 can still captivate an audience – and from there to the Amber Lounge, the after-party venue of the drivers, where we met with a number of other travel retail executives, and were hosted by Diageo Global Travel and Middle East into the small hours.

In its three years of existence, Abu Dhabi has set a new level for F1. Now the rest of the circuit is playing catch-up.

The Moodie Report’s Dermot Davitt, ADAC’s Dan Cappell and DFS’s Andrew Ford at the Grand Prix on Sunday

The ADAC team of (l-r) Omar Hanoud, Lisa Richards, Lauren Wood and Krissy Jones start the party after the race

Paul McCartney at the Yas Arena on Sunday night

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