Accepting differences in a divided world

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Here’s an enriching story from Sydney, Australia. It concerns Ranjeeta Mayanglambam, Assistant Buyer for Local Products at Lagardère Travel Retail, for whom she has worked since March 2016.

The story comes from and is indeed a review – in this case of Ranjeeta’s newly published title Billie’s Book.

The book is targeted at children aged 4 years and over, with each chapter containing a lesson and an accompanying illustration. But the lessons it contains – and the philosophy behind it – apply equally to all of us.

The book was inspired by an antenatal training programme that Ranjeeta attended. She and others present were asked a simple question: “What is that one thing you want to pass on to your yet to be born child?”

Ranjeeta celebrates the launch of her book at Lagardère Travel Retail’s NewsLink store. [Photo:]
Here’s how Ranjeeta described her response. “I lay awake that night, thinking deeply about that question. I came up with all the values which I want my child to have. Most importantly I want my child to know it’s okay to be different and that she deserves respect – no matter how she chooses to live her life – and at the same time, she must extend that respect to others.”

Billie’s Book focuses on basics such as truthfulness and generosity, and highlights the importance of accepting differences in opinions, faith, and choices. In our often toxic, troubled world, they strike me as fundamentally good and inclusive good values.

Billie’s Book will be available on Amazon from 1 September (better still, I’m sure you can find a copy in Lagardère Travel Retail’s NewsLinks shops in Australia). If you have children, and perhaps even if you don’t, it seems like a pretty good investment in a better future.

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