Aldeasa captures the taste of Spain

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In this industry, is there a better expression of the flavour of a country – literally and metaphorically – than in Aldeasa’s duty free stores at Madrid Barajas Airport Terminal 4 (pictured above)?

Other than some great stand-alone shops – Out of Africa (Johannesburg and Cape Town) and Cafe Britt (Lima, Peru) are top of mind – we think there are few mainstream duty free shops that get remotely close to Aldeasa’s efforts in capturing the concept of ‘Sense of Place’ as seen in the retailer’s main Barajas outlet, simply known as ‘The Shop’.

In its main Madrid T4 store, Aldeasa offers an excellent assortment of Spanish wines, cheeses, cold meats, chocolates, confectionery and other foodstuffs.

It’s all  spaciously and nicely merchandised under the Taste of Spain (or Todo el Sabor de Espana) banner and it’s just right. There are lovely displays for Doña Jimena, the superbly packaged (and tasting) Spanish artisanal confectioner; some great cheeses, hams and salamis, and a suitably parochial wine offering – not a bottle from anywhere other than Spain in sight (exactly as it should be in The Moodie Report’s eyes – after all isn’t an airport meant to be a showcase for a country’s products?).

The staff are very helpful – no sooner was I admiring the cheeses than I was being offered a sample (which duly led to a purchase).

Well done Aldeasa for delivering the taste of Spain in a classy and, yes, tasteful manner.