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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.
Martin Moodie

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Undoubtedly the most welcome of all the thousands of visitors to this year’s Duty Free Show of the Americas is Paul Pasternak (top left), part of the great husband and wife (Lois, above) team that runs Travel Markets Insider in the US.

We have long had much respect for the quality and integrity of ‘Insider‘ and for the duo who have driven it from a humble, hopeful start-up to a highly successful trade media brand.

For the past few months Paul has been battling a severe illness, and doing it with great stoicisim and determination. That determination saw him attend this show – the key event in Insider’s calendar. He’s on pretty much permanent treatment but his spirits – and those of his family – are high as he continues to defy the original medical opinions.

Son Michael has just joined the organisation to add even more of the great family spirit that has taken Insider so far.

Besides The Moodie Report Publisher, the other individual in the photo above is of course the irrepressible Harry Diehl, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Gebr Heinemann.

Harry is a flourishing example of the powers of self-belief and determination in beating serious illness. He was extremely sick for periods in recent years but each time battled back stronger, livelier and more charismatic than ever. As our photo shows, he has never looked better and no doubt a little of the ‘real Diehl’ magic formula was working its way towards the brave and good man on the left of our photo.

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