All that glitters…is Eau My Gold!

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The Moodie Report’s Rebecca Mann goes for gold in Paris

On 3 April I was invited to Paris for the launch of Lady Million Eau My Gold!, the latest feminine fragrance from Paco Rabanne’s blockbuster ‘Million’ masterbrand. Having been fortunate enough to attend the launch of the original Lady Million – which featured vintage Paco Rabanne dresses, a gold-coloured catwalk, a wall of ingots and the signature oversized 1 Million safe – plus the launch of the more recent Paco Rabanne Invictus – which included (drum roll!) face Nick Youngquest at close quarters IN THE FLESH *swoons* – my expectations were, frankly, sky-high. And once again, Puig did not disappoint.

My personal barman concocts the Eau My Gold! cocktail

The main reveal took place in the achingly trendy Elephant Paname gallery. There, guests were invited to discover at length the new fragrance concept – and sample an exclusive Eau My Gold! cocktail created specially by mixologist Gwladys Gublin.

The Lady Million Eau My Gold! universe is showcased at Elephant Paname

An adapted version of the cocktail will be used to promote the fragrance at the point of sale. In addition, face Hana Jirickova splashes about with abandon inside a giant cocktail glass of bubbles in the feel-good ad campaign.

On-brand accessories: shoes to match the ‘touch of gold’ dress code

The cocktails were freshly mixed on the spot by a team of uber-cute bartenders, under the watchful eye of Gublin. Following the presentation, guests visited a dazzling Eau My Gold! universe decorated with giant factices, Champagne towers and gilded canapés.

The fragrance’s ‘pursuit of personal pleasure’ theme carried on at the evening event, held at private club Silencio, in Montmartre. Sporting gold shoes, nails and eyeliner to accommodate the ‘smart with a touch of gold’ dress-code, this writer spent the evening hanging with the Latin press contingent, conscientiously sampling the Eau My Gold! cocktail and wondering how on earth to wangle a Silencio membership.

And nails to match the shoes…

After several *ahem* glasses of the sparkling stuff there may also have been some outré move-busting on the dance-floor, but Gublin and nose Anne Flipo were in the mix too, which proved to be a great ice-breaker in the following day’s 9am interview.

Mixologist Gwladys Gublin gets the party started at Silencio

Even Jirickova made a special appearance at Silencio, treating the guest-list to the sight of her endless, covetable legs – and the famous Million finger snap.

In short, the entire event was a perfect reflection of the Lady Million Eau My Gold! fragrance’s positioning of joy, pleasure and indulgence. “With a snap of her fingers, Lady Million made all her dreams come true,” noted Paco Rabanne Fragrances International Marketing Director Jean Holtzmann. “Now there is a new dream, a new chapter in the story. The dream today, the latest ultimate fantasy, is happiness.”

Eau My Gold! face Hana Jirickova demonstrates the famous Million finger snap

But this time, happiness does not come from one-upmanship and the acquisition of material things. The happiness embodied by Lady Million Eau My Gold! revolves around self-surrender and escape. Which was exactly what the Silencio launch party delivered, in signature Paco Rabanne style.

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