Another journey begins for The East India Company

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Martin Moodie
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Readers of our e-Zine will recall a fascinating interview I conducted recently with Sanjiv Mehta, Chairman of The East India Company. If you haven’t read it, I urge you to. Not only is it a story oozing empire, history, adventure and intrigue but on a corporate level it is a remarkable tale of brand renaissance, of vision blending with obsession, and of West meets East meets West again.

A couple of weeks ago I had a hugely enjoyable dinner with Sanjiv. The man is a human dynamo, irresistible in his energy, consumed by his dreams, an all-too rare example of a businessman who wants to get it right rather than get it fast.

That night he told me with huge pride that the company had just unveiled its first gin. He showed me pictures of the startling white bottle and promised that the juice was every bit as good as the presentation.

I can now testify to the veracity of his words. Today a sumptuous red box arrived at Moodie Davitt HQ. Inside was a bottle of The East India Comany London Dry Gin, clad like a new bride in white with gold accessories and a splash of red. Accompanying it was a gold booklet (with stunning production values, I must say) detailing the brand’s ‘Gin Journey’. One suspects it’s a journey that will run and run.

What a stunning launch. @_eastindiacompany unveils its new gin. Great bottle, great juice. #gin #spirits #eastindia

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