Aussie rules – ok?

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

What a great looking shop the new Nuance-operated Arrivals store at Melbourne Airport appears to be. And it’s nice to see the efforts the retailer, fully supported by a progressive and commercially minded airport company, was making on opening day to really engage the travelling consumer. 

Returning nationals are generally in a hurry to clear immigration, get their baggage and get home. So an effective Arrivals offer has to really work at stopping that traveller in his or her tracks.

As these great photos show, Nuance does it brilliantly with kids…

… and with women…

… literally turning heads down under to draw the consumers into the store…

… but the good old Aussie bloke may be a harder nut to crack. We just love this shot of a very stoical male passenger, who had probably been desperate to buy some duty free perfume for his wife, staring intently at his mobile phone, rather than dare look at the rather risque male model who appears to be wearing little else than a broad smile and a uniform made more out of paint than garment. In fact we think our inveterate traveller is probably texting his wife saying something along the lines of “Sorry darling, they didn’t stock any perfumes at the duty free…”

Maybe the favoured Aussie rugby team might lose after all to the All Blacks on Saturday in the big Bledisloe Cup match in Sydney. After all, none of them will be prepared to go anywhere near big All Black centre Ma’a Nonu (pictured below right) who is reputed to wear eyeliner on the pitch.

 [Cartoon by Murray Webb].

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