Aussies take no prisoners as lags are left behind

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


Somebody had to come up with an abbreviation to save the endless repetition of ‘liquids, aerosols and gels’ – the items at the heart of the aviation security restrictions since the 10 August terror alert. And with typical ingenuity, it is the Aussies who have done it – with the acronym LAG.

Announcing the country’s new security regulations – similar to those already adopted in the EU – the government decreed that it was limiting the numbers of LAGs that will be able to be carried onboard international flights to and from Australia.

Of course there’s some historical precedence for LAGs being transported into Australia. The term also means ‘convict or ex-convict’  and as any student of history will tell you (especially if they are a Kiwi bred from fine puritan stock), the country was founded on the hard labour of more than a few old Lags. They too were the subject of a transit issue, but one that ultimately resolved itself happily as Australia showed the courage of its convictions by growing into the second greatest nation in Australasia.

Let’s hope for a similarly happy ending this time around.

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  • bags~~~when I went back to China for vacation, the airport asked me to buy these bags~~~I met one girl who forgot to buy it, the result was that she threw all her cosmetics away~~~!!!

  • That Headline is not Punny Mr Martin! Your lagging behind mate! … and why would you rate Tasmania as the GREATEST nation in Australasia. Surely you wouldnt be thinking of Enzed…. it doesnt rate, nor count, as it’s, as everyone knows, ( well, everyone except old chrome-dome) situated in the South Pacific!
    Methinks you partake of far too many ‘L’s , as your readers would surely AGree…