Bountiful Riches at the MIS-HIT

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

The Riches were overflowing  in every sense at the annual Moodie International Superstars’ Honorary Invitation Tournament (MIS-HIT) at the Cannes Mandelieu Golf Course yesterday.

There were riches given to charity, the day was rich in camaraderie, the Irish rugby team turned in their richest-ever performance (watched by several MIS-Hitters before tee-off) and the Riches with a capital ‘R’ were to the fore as Mark and Britt became the first husband and wife couple to ever win the MIS-HIT trophy with a superb best ball stableford score of 43 points.

Autogrill executive Mark Riches thus retains the trophy that last year he won in partnership with Gunnar Heinemann.

Another first was created when Takako Asaki of Japanese travel retailer Blanc des Blancs became the inaugural female winner of the individual match, taking possession of the much-coveted blue jacket (Takako is pictured below being awarded the Blue Jacket by last year’s winner, Martin Turek of Fraport).

The equally sought after ‘Fashionista’ award went to the wonderfully attired (and illuminated) Harry ‘the real’ Diehl for his spectacular technicolour demonstration of sartorial excellence.

Conversely, grown men were seen to weep at the sight of ADAC’s Dan Cappell in a combination that suggested he had raided a pyjama warehouse the night before, and earned him the ‘Anti-Fashionista’ accolade.

The honour of hitting the honorary opening drive as always went to a newcomer – the beautiful Cecile Souchon of Aéroports de Paris. Little did she know that she would be playing the equally traditional exploding ball (pictured below).

As always there were plenty of side bets, and this year they resulted in €120 being donated from Dan’s fourball to the Royal Marsden Cancer charity, a nice gesture towards the institution that was treating me through illness this time last year.

I took the opportunity to thank my fellow players for their support over the most difficult of years, and to single out my good colleague Dermot Davitt (below) for the magnificent way he had led the company in my absence. It was good, very good, to be back.

Next year the MIS-HIT, like The Moodie Report, celebrates its 10th anniversary and some special celebrations are planned. It is hard to think of a better way to start Cannes than in the warm company of the industry’s MIS-Hitters. The riches indeed are bountiful.

[The industry’s MIS-HITTERS listen in at the prize-giving ceremony]

[Dermot Davitt and Martin Moodie celebrate another successful MIS-HIT]

[Irishmen Dermot Davitt (third from left) and David Spillane (in national colours) are joined by other nationalities to cheer on the Irish in their shock success over Australia at the Rugby World Cup]

[Mark Riches was in the woods off the first tee – but only because his motorised trolley ran off on its own]

[Having spent much of the day in sand, Martin Moodie and Peter Marshall end up in the water]

[All at sea again – David King and Martin Moodie]

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