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Martin Moodie
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Bravo to Aldeasa-WDF for not only organising the first competition between shops across its UK and Spain networks but for the way in which the newly integrated retailer did it.

The concept, designed to reward excellence at particular retail establishments, saw London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 and Málaga Airport pick up the respective UK and Spanish awards.

[Fred Creighton, Retail and Logistics Director; Pepe Luna, Regional Director South Zone; Shaw Rodrigues, Regional Manager of London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5; and Daniel Montero, Spain Operations Director]

The awards were measured across a number of indicators, including customer service; the correct labelling of products on shelves; the correct arrangement of products in-store; stock and furniture condition and others.

The progress of the competition could be followed on the company’s blog, where judges posted their photos of and comments about the participating shops.

The comments are informed and revealing. Here are the remarks of Daniel Montero and Mark Sowerby, for example, about Birmingham and Heathrow T5 main stores: “Many product statements within T5 were exciting and visually stimulating. All shelves were filled with product pulled forward. This is an achievement for a shop of this size.

“The stand out department was liquor – so close to perfection. The alignment of the product was excellent with consistent gaps between product and consistent space between products achieved. At the front of the department was a bold display of Glenlivet Distillers edition [below]. Last week the team achieved sales of 1,007 bottles of this product!”

At Birmingham, the same judges noted: “The first highlight was the spread of promotional activity throughout the store. Leafleting for the Summer promotion at the front of store, a lively and interactive Escada promotion [below] in the middle of the store and a P20 promotion at the main till point.

“The second highlight in Birmingham was the great set-up at till points. This meant the right product was available for customers and well presented. The tops of till points were tidy and uncluttered.”

Best practice from T5

Liquid restriction laminated cards
– Headed noticeboards

Best practice from Birmingham

– Till point layout
– Plan promotional activity throughout shop

And here’s what the judges, Fred Creighton again and Myriam Avello had to say about the leading Spanish contenders, Madrid T4 and Málaga.

“In Madrid we were greeted by the flamenco dancers [pictured below] who really were creating a fabulous atmosphere at the shop and clients were even dancing with them. The wine area was very well implemented and with a full range of products. Even though there was a bit of dust underneath the back walls, the presentation of the sunglasses was very good, with labels in all the skus and no gaps.

“Regarding the back of house for shoes, it was brilliant! Really tidy and easy to find.”

In Málaga, the Beauty area had really high standards and especially the MAC corner [below] was one of the best MAC displays that Fred had ever seen. Absolutely perfect! [Puig] Millionaire pop-up [pictured] had an excellent execution as well. Souvenirs had very high standards as well and the bags area was beautifully merchandised.”

What an excellent initiative and it’s great to see retail awards actually being judged according to such detailed retail criteria. Aldeasa-WDF is not alone in running such projects (Aelia also does it, for example) but it’s one of the best communicated schemes of its kind we’ve seen.

I look forward to my next visit to Heathrow T5 (practically my second home) and  Málaga.

The Aldeasa-WDF project brings me on neatly to The Moodie Report’s own initiative to encourage excellence, this time in customer service.

Our new editorial section called The Front Line ask retailers, food & beverage operators and other travel-related service providers to nominate exceptional shop floor staff for recognition.

Every two weeks we will present a new submission, including the staff member’s photo and comments, while his/her employer will explain the reasons for the nomination. At the end of the year we will present a round-up of the ‘Best of the Best’, offering a showcase of industry excellence.

From August, The Front Line will be featured in both The Moodie Report 7 Days (produced 44 times a year) and our new publication, The Foodie Report, dedicated to travel-related, revenue-generating food & beverage activities, which is being launched that month.

For more details, or to nominate an employee please e-mail

Who will be featured in our first offering? Watch this space.

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