Clogau prompts first Welsh gold rush – in Cannes

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The Moodie Report usually wears out a lot of shoe leather visiting stands at Cannes, but this journalist may need to take extra footwear this year, given the number of times she plans to visit the Clogau stand.

Clogau miners dig deep for Welsh gold

Firstly, the leading Welsh gold jewellery brand has promised to bring a little bit of Wales with them to the Palais – music to the ears of this professional ex-pat. While we were keeping our fingers crossed for Mike Phillips in full rugby kit (or Lee Byrne, we’re not fussy!), rocks, water, lush green plants and, of course, some gold, is plenty good enough to staunch the ever-lurking flow of hiraeth.

Clogau_prize_necklaceAnd, best of all, all visitors to the Clogau stand during the first four days of the show will have their business card entered into a special prize draw for this stunning one-of-a-kind Clogau necklace.

If there’s one thing we like as much as shoes, it’s jewellery (OK, chocolate too), and Welsh jewellery is as good as it gets. We’re getting extra business cards printed to be on the safe side, and plan to visit the stand religiously at least four times a day. Maybe five, if we forgo lunch.

The prize draw will be made at 6pm on Thursday 21 October, giving the lucky winner the chance to wear the necklace to the Premium Evening party. Or give it to a loved one to wear. Or loan it to a Welsh journalist (meaningful hint).

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