Colm McLoughlin’s ‘Famous Five’

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

He’s the most well-known travel retail executive on the planet but how well do you really know him?

We’re talking about Colm McLoughlin, the Irishman who has driven the great Dubai Duty Free success story of the past quarter century.

In between building a billion Dollar retailing powerhouse and creating a global marketing phenomenon, Colm has remained very much his own man – a man of simple pleasures and honest values. One of those pleasures is music (no wonder, given that his wife Breeda has the voice of a nightingale) but which music?

Recently, listeners to Dubai Eye 103.8, the UAE’s premier talk radio station, had the chance to find out. For his ‘Famous Five’ – a regular slot on the station – Colm was asked to choose five songs that were special to him. 

What were they? For all readers other than those living in the UAE, we are offering a ticket (courtesy of The Moodie Report) in Dubai Duty Free’s ‘Millennium Millionaire’ draw to the reader who out of five guesses, matches most to those selected by Colm. If you win the ticket, you could then win a million US Dollars.

It’s not easy, though over a pint or three at an Irish bar during the recent Duty Free Show of the Americas in Fort Lauderdale, and totally unprompted by Mrs McLoughlin, The Moodie Report Publisher managed to work out all five.

And although we’re giving you no clues, one thing we will tell you is that despite the photo below (taken at the Dubai Duty Free-sponsored races at Newbury last weekend), none of the songs are by Queen.

Deadline is May 1. Please send your entries to marked ‘Colm’s Famous Five’. [In the event of a tie, we will judge the winner on the best answer to this question – ‘What has the Queen just said to Colm McLoughlin and Salah Tahlak that has caused them such amusement?’

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