Crème of the crop

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Toasting the latest La Mer launch in Turkey

There are press trips. And then there are Crème de la Mer press trips, the sheer lavishness of which makes the return to real life mighty hard. When the bedrock of your brand is luxury, all activities connected with it should echo that high-end positioning – a philosophy La Mer adhered to most rigorously during the recent reveal of its latest line extension, which took place in Turkey.

Crème de la Mer’s homage to its sea heritage

Limos to and from the airport? Check. Prime Class VIP Service through Customs at Istanbul Ataturk? Check. Stunning suite at The Istanbul Edition? Check. Cocktails on the Bosphorus? Check. Dinner, entertainment and fireworks at the Kucuksu Palace? Check, check and check. I could go on, but I’d hate you to think I don’t work hard for a living.

ELC’s Annette Johnson and The Moodie Report’s Rebecca Mann enjoy a little cruise control on the Bosphorus

After checking in and unpacking, I was ushered off to my Miracle Broth Facial. The Spa at the Edition has no fewer than four floors and includes a snow room, with real snow. Too cool… You might think I went a long way for a beauty treatment but reader, my facialist managed to make me look (and feel) at least ten years younger, so believe me, I’d fly there every week if I could. CDLM’s Miracle Broth is aptly named.

The simply stunning Kucuksu Palace

After rehydrating with – what else? – vintage pink Champagne it was time to get ready for dinner at Istanbul’s uber-trendy Ulus 29.

Journalists from all over the globe enjoy dinner served on the Palace terrace

Day two began with breakfast, followed by a visit to the Topkapi Palace & Harem, before we got down to business proper, via the La Mer Journey Presentation at The Galerist. This incorporated a stunning sensorial excursion through the heart, heritage and history of the brand, before the official unveiling of the new product (which will be featured in more detail in our Cannes Print Edition).

Traditional Turkish entertainment ensured the Gala Dinner went with a whirl

The afternoon continued with a group interview with La Mer Senior Vice President of Product Development and Innovation Loretta Miraglia.

The launch event concluded in some style with a fabulous firworks display

The launch event concluded with a cruise down the Bosphorus, an exquisite dinner attended by brand President Maureen Case – and a couple of whirling dervishes.

La Mer chose Istanbul as the launch venue for many reasons, not least because it is a crossroads where different cultures, languages, religions and people come together for a rich, unique experience. As such, it was the perfect backdrop for an event that delivered an authentic, luxurious, sensorial immersion into the universe of a high-end brand with big ambitions. It was an inspired choice. For an inspiring event.

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