CTC-ARI Airports continues to amaze the consumer

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Plenty of travel retailers talk the talk about ‘Trinity’ principles – i.e. greater co-operation between industry stakeholders to the benefit of the travelling consumer.

But few truly walk the walk like CTC-ARI Airports, the joint venture between CTC (Cyprus Trading Company) and Aer Rianta International–Middle East (ARI-ME), which manages the commercial operations at Larnaca and Pafos airports.

We think the company’s ‘Amazing Days’ promotion, which is now enjoying its latest incarnation as ‘Mission to Monte Carlo’, is one of the best in the business – and its results consistently support that view. 

Here’s a promotion – or, in fact, a series of promotions – that consistently focuses on consumer engagement. There is interactivity aplenty; generous incentives for incremental spend; and it’s adding positively to the experience of being at the airport – something our industry does not focus on nearly enough.

Of all the astute comments made by Retail and Marketing Head Martin Mullen in a lengthy press release, one – the shortest – stood out to us. “People are having fun,” he said. What a lovely, simple premise.

And why wouldn’t they? After all, passengers can win the holiday of a lifetime; they can snap up instant prizes; and they can double their winnings. They can also be part of an enjoyable theatrical event.

It’s encouraging to see the engagement of other airport business partners – the food & beverage operators and tour companies, for example. A spend in F&B counts towards entry in the ‘Mission to Monte Carlo’ promotion – a great example of how an airport environment can generate incremental spend through a cohesive, cross-selling approach. Honestly, ask yourself, how often do you see that?

Mullen says the company has really “pushed the envelope” in terms of developing additional spend and penetration by including other key travel operators in the promotion.

We agree. The airports in Cyprus, like many others, have been hard hit in recent months by a downturn in British travellers due to the UK’s ailing economy and stricken Pound Sterling. To offset or at least mitigate such downturns, retailers have to be more creative than ever before. They have be on a mission to increase footfall and penetration. Certainly CTC-ARI Airports is – and it’s leading all the way to Monte Carlo.

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