Dan’s the man as Prunier proves there’s life after 60

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Prunier 2Dan Cappell, Acting Chief Commercial Officer at Abu Dhabi Airports – but bidding in a personal capacity – is the winner of our recent Cognac Prunier Age Statement auction.

To recap (the story, not the Cognac): Prunier, one of the oldest Cognac houses, offered two bottles from its new, ultra-premium age statement range to the highest bidder in our charity auction.

The winning bid would go to a cause close to travel retail’s collective heart, Hand in Hand for Haiti (of which I am a founding board member). It costs just US$5,000 to fund a child from a poor community to attend the charity’s world-class Lycée Jean-Baptiste Point du Sable in Saint Marc (a school funded and run by the travel retail industry).

Prunier 1
Wisdom of the ages: Dan Cappell (centre) with Clive Carpenter (left), International Consultant to Cognac Prunier and President Stéphane Burnez

The winner would not only get a superb 60 year old (no, not me, although my recent 60th birthday did inspire the competition idea; and my mother, rest in peace, did once call me superb after a fine school report) as well as a Cognac of any age statement of their choice between 18 and 80.

Prunier MM 60 NZ
Verified age statement: For those doubters who claimed I was 70

Prunier mmDan, whose age probably hovers somewhere equidistant between the two, was typically generous, offering a remarkable €1,750 (US$1,950) for the two bottles. The prize(s) are his.

Not for the first time in an industry charity initiative it was a case of Dan’s the man. Thanks to him and to Cognac Prunier from me – and from the children of Haiti.

This old house: Prunier Vieille Maison is the oldest building in the town of Cognac

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