DFS offers the key to unlocking luxury in Macau

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[Top two pictures: Duncan Lui]

DFS Galleria Macao will celebrate its Grand Opening at a gala evening in Macau on Friday.

It promises to be an extraordinary evening in an extraordinary venue. The Galleria, with its well-documented ‘luxury-only’ focus, features three ‘worlds’ – Fashion, Beauty and Luxury. Unlike, say DFS Galleria Okinawa, there’s no generic fashion and accessories area. Here it’s mono-branded boutiques all the way.


Within the offer, there is a collection of around 185 very special products indeed – DFS’ so-called ‘Exceptional Items’, such as the amazing Louis Vuitton Patchwork Bag, one of just five available in the world.

[Chopard picture: Duncan Lui]

Unlike the retailer’s traditional emphasis on guided tourists, here it’s all about walk-in customers. And what walk-in customers they are – mainly ‘VVIP’ level Chinese visitors who are visiting Macau primarily for gaming. DFS is working closely with Macau’s key leisure facility hosts to provide not only exceptional products but also exceptional service.

It has a Platinum Services Club with its own Manager, two Assistant Managers and no fewer than 16 Personal Shoppers. It’s red carpet, one-on-one treatment the whole way. DFS even has a ‘Black Book’ featuring selected highlights from the ‘Exceptional Items’ range, to ensure the most select customers feel they have the opportunity to buy something not only expensive but also unique.

The travel retail sector has seen nothing like it before. Luxury all the way and with a quality of execution that takes the breath away. My external shots on this Blog – don’t you love the Gucci image? – only hint at what lies within.

The Beauty Department (below), DFS Group’s largest – deserves (and will get) a story all of its own. Space is one thing but it’s what you do with it that counts and here the retailer has delivered with stunning panache.

[Top two pictures: Duncan Lui].


And talking of panache, DFS has chosen just a slight semantic variation on the word to theme its ultra-luxury writing instruments boutique, Penache (below). Anyone with a passion for writing will fall in love with this place – as has the man who conceived the idea, DFS President Worldwide Store Operations Michael Schriver, who says “this little space is my personal passion”.

It’s full of exquisite limited-edition writing instruments, subtly merchandised in just 200ft of space.

There’s more, much more. But the full story will have to wait a few days. I’ll be arriving in Macau later this week for the Grand Opening – look out for my special report and a Picture Gallery from top local photographer Duncan Lui that, we promise you, underlines the majesty and sheer vibrancy of this incredible shopping emporium.