Dillard’s man becomes Macy’s man… Terminal trouble at T5 continued

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


And so it goes…

The Duty Free Show of the Americas comes to an end in Fort Lauderdale today. The 40th anniversary event was another success and as always the IAADFS put on a well-organised exhibition and array of social gatherings.

The industry must count itself fortunate that IAADFS and not British Airways organises this show. Otherwise all the exhibition stands would surely be missing by now.

Yesterday I became Macy’s man rather than Dillard’s man as the curious case study of my missing T5 baggage continued. Mrs Moodie Report, who did arrive safely in Miami ex-T5 with both children and suitcase intact, assures me I now look rather fetching and that maybe the Heathrow fiasco has rescued my notoriously bad fashion sense.

A very nice woman at Miami International Airport has rung me on two consecutive days to say the case was due to be loaded at Heathrow Terminal 5 that day but alas its fate currently remains as uncertain as that of the crew of the Mary Celeste.

My helpful PA Mary Bannon rang British Airways today in London to ask them to simply send the ill-fated case to our HQ five miles away only to be told very sniffily that under data protection regulations that was an impossible request (from her) to fulfil. BA does sniffy very well – rather better than it does that irritating and clearly non-core chore of getting one’s baggage to a destination.

In a happier twist, Online Content Editor Matt Willey will be reunited with his suitcase today at Miami International Airport to take with him on his return journey. This is indeed a novel and helpful development in international travel – to take one’s suitcase only on the flight itself and not need to carry it around during one’s subsequent business or leisure trip.

One can only sigh and look forward to that emotional day when my suitcase is finally restored to me – perhaps, I’m betting, in time for the 41st anniversary of the Duty Free Show of the Americas.

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