From Huaraches to Herring as a FABulous event begins

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


From Mexico City to Copenhagen, with one day off for good behaviour in London with my kids and Golden Labrador Mickali.

Despite the shot above I didn’t cycle into Copenhagen Airport, though I reckon I have seen more bicycles here than I’ve seen in the rest of the world put together.

I’m here in the Danish capital in flesh if not quite yet in spirit, but a couple of shots of the excellent local aquavit should fix any lingering jet lag. The food, of course, is also, of the highest repute and I can’t wait for my first smørrebrød – an open sandwich that can be made with various delicious ingredients, especially prawns, tomato, mayonaise and lettuce.


Last time I was here I had the Skagen Sild (below), a sandwich topping made from pickled herring in a creamy white sauce. Herring is probably the world’s most under-rated fish. It’s tasty, tangy, fresh, oily and very, very good for you. I couldn’t finish mine last time (perhaps I needed a Herring aid) but its lovely flavours lived with me for a long time.


I’m here in Copenhagen together with a large contingent from our two titles The Moodie Report and The Foodie Report. The occasion is the annual Airport Food & Beverage Conference & Awards, this year hosted by Copenhagen Airports (which has decked out its airport in ‘FAB’ulous style – above). The Opening Cocktail Evening at the famed Tivoli Gardens begins soon, followed by two days of conference. Tomorrow evening the winners of the best airport food & beverage outlets in the world will be named. It’s enough to get the taste buds salivating.

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