George Clooney and My Fair Lady

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We had plenty of entries in The Moodie BLOG’s caption contest to best identify what famous American film star George Clooney was saying to Breeda McLoughlin, wife of Dubai Duty Free Managing Director Colm, during the recent Dubai Film Festival. Or, vice versa, what she was saying to him…

George has played alongside some of the world’s leading stars, from Nicole Kidman to Catherine Zeta-Jones and Julie Roberts, but has he ever been paired with a nicer leading lady?


Our winning entry wins a ticket in the next Dubai Duty Free ‘Finest Surprise’ luxury car draw, courtesy of The Moodie Report. It came from Patrick Nilson (pictured below), the popular owner of successful US-based travel retail agency company Haleybrooke International.

Patrick had Breeda saying: “So George, I understand that you only make US$20 million for doing a movie. My husband does that much business in a week.” A ticket is on its way to you soon Patrick. Thanks to all those who entered.


  • She said, When are you leaving Dubai ?

    He said, I was planning to leave tomorrow, but Im going to stay until the 21st Dec and benefit from the -24% at DDF.

    She said, you tight Bast�!

    And they both laughed


    He said, Breda, We both keep smiling and I bet you I can undo the zip on the back of your dress, with one hand, in 15 seconds

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