Getting a boost with BB for the boys

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In f&c terms, you know a trend has got legs when even the boys start to get in on the act. Step forward the new Lab Series for Men BB Tinted Moisturiser SPF35, which made its debut in selected Asian travel retail doors in December, and is now rolling out into South Korea and Japan.

Lab Series takes the BB trend to male consumers

BB products (the initials most commonly denote Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm) are, quite simply, having a moment right now. Every serious player in the business, from mass to prestige, has got at least one in their portfolio. Now, courtesy of the Estée Lauder Companies’ Lab Series brand, there’s one for male consumers too.

So what does a BB product actually do? Basically, it’s a multi-tasker that serves as a colour perfector, face primer, UV protector and hydrator. It can be worn alone, or applied to skin before foundation for a little extra oomph.

I confess I am something of a convert. The BB is ideal for Lazy Lucys such as myself, who have neither the time nor the inclination to trowel on a full face of slap just for the school run, but who don’t wish to frighten the Reception intake by appearing, foundation-free and ghost-like, at the school gates. I often apply my favourite BB, one-handed without a mirror, while simultaneously signing homework diaries, scavenging for dinner money, and locating lost PE kit. Every working mother should have one.

Understandably, I was keen to see how well received a male BB would be. But who would be my tester? A mental run-through of the men at Moodie HQ was not inspiring. Don’t get me wrong, I think the world of them all, but there ain’t a metrosexual among them. I’m willing to bet my mortgage not a single Moodie man has more than a passing acquaintance with moisturiser – tinted or otherwise.

Step forward LSS (Long Suffering Spouse), who, very apprehensively, agrees to give it a go. “Promise I won’t end up looking like Gavin Henson?” he pleads. I swallow the oh-too-obvious “I should be so lucky” response and throw the tube at his head.

Despite his many misgivings (not least, “it’s the exact shade of Terracotta we’ve just painted the living room”), I have to admit, post-application, LSS looks pretty good. Officially, BB Tinted Moisturiser SPF35 is described as a multi-functional treatment that instantly improves the skin’s appearance, and helps to maintain those effects, over time. Used every day, it delivers a more even tone, brighter skin and a reduction in the look of redness, pores and wrinkles, according to the brand.

LSS preens in front of the mirror, looking a little more healthy and a little more rested. The overall effect is subtle, almost imperceptible, but there’s definitely a difference. Even the kids agree.

“Brace yourself Dad, next week, it’s guyliner,” chortles Darling Daughter #1. Hmmm. I’m off to hide my make-up, pronto. And hers.

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