Getting into the Brazilian spirit at T4

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Martin Moodie
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Martin Moodie

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Nice to see the Heathrow Terminal 4 promotional bar in the heart of the liquor, tobacco and confectionery shop flourishing. As I wearily put back on my shoes and belt and put away my precious laptop post security on Sunday night, the bar drew me in like a beacon.

“Hello Sir, try this cocktail – in my opinion the best in the world.” The promoter, an endearingly cheeky chappy called Gary, was championing the virtues of famous Brazilian cocktail, the Caipirinha, made with Sagatiba, the recently-launched super-premium cachaça. Sagatiba is apparently the first cachaça to be listed by World Duty Free and if Gary continues to strut his stuff it will both shake and stir the market.

“Wow, really smooth,” I said. “That’s because it’s the purest cachaça in the world,” said Gary looking me straight in the eye. “It doesn’t leave you with a hangover.”

“Doesn’t that depend on how many of them you drink?” I asked. “No, I’m an experienced drinker and my girlfriend and I finished a bottle off last weekend – no hangover!. And it’s just £9.99 on promotion.” “Sorry, I won’t buy this time, I’m flying to Thailand,” I said, feeling a bit guilty as I reached out for a second sample. Gary was right – it was smooth. “No worries but the promotion finishes at the end of the month. Just £9.99…”

I bought a nice New Zealand Waipara Springs Pinot Noir instead as a gift and exited past Gary. “See you my man,” he shouted with a wave to me as another would-be shopper neared. “Hello Sir, try this cocktail – in my opinion the best in the world.”


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