Getting ready to go Gaga

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This writer never needs much persuading to fly to NYC, but when this particular invitation was delivered I set a new PB with my RSVP. In beauty terms it is, quite simply, the hottest ticket in town.

The hottest ticket in town

Next week is the official launch event of Lady Gaga Fame, the first black Eau de Parfum, created in partnership with Haus Laboratories and Coty. It takes place at the Guggenheim and features a performance art piece by Ms Germanotta herself.

Not unreasonably, the first thought that crossed my mind involved the dress code. Let’s face it, “smart casual” would have been the mother of all let-downs, but Gaga did not disappoint.

The dress code – praise be – is Black Tie Masquerade. “Head accessory required for the ladies”, proclaims the invitation. “Mask, hat, tiara, crown or lobster”. I’ll confess, my first thought was: ‘Can I wear all five?’. My second was: ‘My expenses for September could well be very interesting.’

To be honest, I could probably wear a bin bag and get away with it, because Lady Gaga will be in the house and therefore nobody in their right mind will be paying any attention to me. All eyes will rightly be on Mama Monster during what promises to be one wild night.

Because next Thursday is going to be far more than a mere official reveal. Everything, from the black-to-clear juice, the ingredients, the visual, the ad campaign, the personal promotion by Gaga via Twitter and, has been building to make this one of the most high-profile fragrance introductions ever. The NYC launch event promises to take it one step closer to The Edge of Glory.

The Moodie Report will, of course, deliver all the details as and when they happen. Right now, I need to go and buy a mask.

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  • Hi Rebecca,

    What a nice job you have! I would like to be a mouse in order to attend and sneak into this fabulous event.

    Fortunately we will have a bright report from you,and I trust it will be as if we were there too!

    I request a picture of you, with your hat (or lobster) and your disguise! I am sure that Lady Gaga will be jealous (at least of your innate elegance and beauty)

    Have fun and let’s share it afterwards as usual.

    Warmest regards,