Give me Strength

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

I choked back tears today
Because I can’t begin to say h
ow much you’ve shaped this boy
these last few months or more
– Give me Strength, Snow Patrol

One finds strength in many forms and via many people. As I approach the last days of my chemotherapy regime, the struggle, perversely, seems greater, darker and more overwhelmng than it ever has.

Maybe that’s predictable. The cumulative impact of seven months of treatment, a life-changing operation and recent weeks of non-stop nausea and raging insomnia have taken their toll. The battle is now mental more than physical. It’s the toughest battle of all.

Yet the kind words I keep receiving from friends, both via this Blog and elsewhere, keep me going. It is encouraging that so many people find my writing helps them in their own lives, just as it helps me in mine.

Liz Woodland, a long-time industry friend, who has dropped me several kind notes over recent months, noted the other day: “You are changing the way that I read the Moodie Report. Firstly I read your Blog, and after I have read it twice (to ensure that I have understood fully all the treatment) then I return to the headlines.”

She continued: “This is going to be a good year Martin. I hope that it is a year when you find yourself to be bored, restless, fed up of travelling, frustrated with airlines, and drunk, and so full of good food that you feel that you may burst. All these things are normal in the travel world at some time during a 12-month period, and I wish you a normal year.”

How about that? Liz you hit precisely the right note at precisely the right time.

As do so many other people. My colleagues at The Moodie Report who are always, quietly, there for me; my music buddy Jane Grant who sends me lots of inspirational thoughts and writings (the Snow Patrol reference is hers); my journalistic ‘sister’ Lois Pasternak whose e-mails invariably pop into my in-box during my hours of insomnia and which brighten the darkness, both physical and mental. My literary buddy Sharon Weiner of DFS, from whom seemingly half of my newly extended library has been sourced. Industry pals like Sunil Tuli (complete with bad jokes), Rakhita Jayawardena, Jonathan ‘Chaps’ Holland, John Sime, Stuart McGuire (worse jokes) and Alan Edwards who have never left my shoulder. And scores and scores of others. My family, of course.

Keep those notes coming. In the ‘cancer etiquette’ stakes (see earlier Blog) I have learned that the best thing anyone can do to help someone who is ill with the disease is to simply say they are thinking of them. Calls to ‘be strong’, all well-meant, are more difficult in their own way. It’s more a matter of simply getting through it, however you can. And you’ll accept just about any prop that appears along the way.

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  • My dear Martin, reading you blog brings back memories…

    11 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. You are so right, people think that the worst part is to hear your doctor say “the biopsy came back positive” when actually the treament IS the nightmare.

    To be in the waiting room seeing people like you (or worst) all wondering how will I come out of this? Then, after the regular check ups for 2/3 years until they tell you , you are in remission!! Then everything goes back to normal and we forget… Pretty soon the same will happen to you…you’ll see!!!

    Happy new year Martin, my very best wishes for a properous and healthy 2011 and beyond!!

    Warm regards from the sunshine state.


  • “A stumbling block for the pessimist is a stepping stone to the optimist”
    Eleonore Roosevelt

    Those few days left in your treatment will be this stepping stone which will take you out of this long and painful tunnel. See the light: your are nearly there! Hold on, Martin, we are all with you in this battle and we will be soon celebrating your Victory (keep replenishing your “cave”!)
    Go for it!

  • Martin, I’m with Liz & Adrian. We are thinking of you during the final week’s countdown & hope you celebrate in style next week. We wish you a ‘normal’ 2011, complaining of flight delays, boring hours spent in airport lounges etc. We toasted you during Christmas dinner & hope you too had an enjoyable festive season & that you were able to put away several bottles of your favourite vino! Part of the new freedom can be replenishing stock – how therapeutic that would be!
    Go for it Martin!
    Barbara & Eamon

  • I hereby rally all of Martin’s friends and network to send him energy through the ethers so he will appear victorious in these last few days of the treatment. Whether it is through meditation, prayers, warm thoughts, standing on your head or however you do it for sure it will be a massive help. Go for it Martin are looking forward to seeing you again.