Hats off to Colm McLoughlin at Wimbledon

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Colm hats 2

Not quite the Mad Hatters’ Ball but certainly a case of two men doing the milliner’s craft proud…


Mine is a Fedora, courtesy of the world’s greatest Millinery shop, Le Monde on Wilton Road near Victoria Station; that worn by the equally stylish man with me is courtesy of Rolex, one of the lead sponsors (and official timekeeper) of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship and our gracious hosts at the tournament yesterday.

Colm hats

The photos above are courtesy of Jessica Gell, a charming young woman who was on gate duty at Wimbledon yesterday and who told us she was an art’s student with a major interest in photography (sadly, Wimbledon rules decreed that we could not take a photo of her).

She also told us that seldom had she had two such handsome subjects to photograph. Ok I made that bit up…

Colm hat

Colm Frontier

[I asked for a Moodie’s but alas they gave me a Frontier… Photo: C McLoughlin]

Colm murray

[Hats off to Andy Murray for making the semi-finals]

Colm and I have hat history of course. On this very Blog four years ago, I featured a hatful of images showing some of Le Monde’s finest headgear, as modelled, by Colm, his wife Breeda and yours truly. I still have the Lugh (top centre) and the Trilby but alas the feathered Fedora has long flown.

Has there ever been a millinery shop in airport retail? Not that I remember. But if any airport is thinking of opening one, I know just the retailer…

colm Hats1_Small-500x375

colm Hats2_Small-500x375

colm Hats3_Small-500x375

[The one and only Colm McLoughlin with the one and only £7.50 Lugh]

colm Hats6_Small-500x375colm Hats4_Small-500x375 colm Hats5_Small-500x375

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