Hats off to the Black Caps – and Dubai Duty Free

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Le Monde

On the day that New Zealand’s heavily unfancied cricket team dubbed the ‘Black Caps’ turned over hot favourites South African in the World Cup quarter final, what better way for a Kiwi publisher to celebrate than to invest in some swanky new headgear?

To be truthful I didn’t even know the match result at the time, having just spent the previous couple of hours lunching in London with Colm and Breeda McLoughlin of Dubai Duty Free. As we took a post-lunch stroll towards London’s Victoria Station we spotted a hat shop called Le Monde that was Victorian not only in location but also in its ambience and delightful old-fashionedness.

Dubai Duty Free this was not, more a Dickensian old curiosity shop, but if you like stepping back in time – and you have a love for fine and quirky hats and caps – I urge any readers who are in the locality to pay a visit.

Buoyed by a fine lunch – and a decent lashing of Sauvignon Blanc – and guided by expert sartorial, pricing and retail advice from the McLoughlins,The Moodie Report Publisher invested not in one but three pieces of fine headwear – a ‘Lug’ (or Lugh) Irish tweed cap from Donegal; a natty brown Trilby; and a stylish Fedora.

With London bathed in glorious early Spring sunshine, the hat-laden party then decamped to a bar outside Victoria Station for a glass or two more of good Sauvignon Blanc and an impromptu hat and cap modelling session. This included Colm’s favoured headgear of the day – a baseball cap from the 2006 Moodie International Superstars Honorary Invitation Trophy (MIS-HIT) golf tournament in Cannes, produced by the good folks at Premier Portfolio.

So, in tribute to the unsung Black Caps, here’s The Moodie Blog’s tribute to the best in Kiwi (and Irish) headwear.


[Top-hat trio: (Left to right:) Trilby, Lugh (unclipped), Fedora]


[Lugh (clipped), The ‘MIS-HIT’, Fedora]


[Modelling the Lugh with a laugh – but definitely not available at £7.50…]


[Vintage style: The classic 2006 MIS-HIT]


[Double-tops: Trilby, Fedora]


[Feminine in Fedora]

black caps 4

[Black Caps]

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