Having some skin (and blisters) in the game

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


Things are warming up nicely for The Moodie Report Great Travel Retail Educathlon – the 2013 follow-up to the hugely successful Moodie Multi-National Marathons of the past two years, which have raised over US$650,000 across the worldwide travel retail community.

Among the latest teams to sign up are The Skin and Blister(ed) Band, representing UK company Appleyard Communications, one of the best communications and PR agencies in the business.

Team members Avril Appleyard (ex-Alpha Retail), Mark Appleyard and Rosie Scott are in fact the ‘house band’ and ‘musical brand’ of Appleyard Communications, playing regular gigs near London. The band name is The Skin and Blister Band but they are participating in the Educathlon as ‘The Skin and Blister(ed) Band’.

The team plan to complete the 7km by walking, cycling, rowing and busking along the way at iconic historical spots in the Windsor area, and whatever they make from busking will also be donated to the charity fund.

All that remains, says Avril, is for The Skin and Blister(ed) Band is to find time to prepare for the 7km event, in between ‘rocking it up’ at the weekends.


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  • Martin,

    I will be well and truly skin and blister(ed) after this. Musicians are not built to exercise anything more than their fingers and vocal chords, but it’s all for a fabulous cause and I hope the industry will support us in raising funds for these deserving charities.

    Avril x