Hit the road Jack

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

The Moodie Report receives a mountain of press releases every week, culminating in the PR equivalent of the Swiss Alps in the run-up to a trade show. With TFWA World Exhibition falling a month earlier this year we are now full swing into that seasonal blitz.

The releases run the full gamut of quality. Many arrive without even a nod to common courtesy such as ‘Dear …’ to the recipient (a personal pet hate); a surprising number are addressed to a journalist on a rival title; a lot have so many hi-resolution images attached that my in-box collapses in the way my pet Labrador does after a long walk; way too many look as if they have used ‘Google Translate’ to vaguely resemble the English language; and others have absolutely nothing to do with the travel retail channel.

Today we received a consummate example of the latter. Hailing from a London company called Bang Media International, headed ‘Jack Nicholson interview’. It read: Bang has a fantastic interview with Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson. In it, notorious hell raiser and womaniser Jack speaks about how he is too old to chase women in public anymore, how he hates being treated like a Hollywood legend, how he has never got over his separation from Angelica Huston and how he wants to experience one last significant romance before he dies. Please let me know if you would like to see this interview and I will send it over.”

Now, on what the media calls ‘a slow news day’, one has to sometimes compromise on choice of story. But it’s not a slow news day and anyway, much as we are intrigued to discover what choice of vehicle Jack uses in lieu of his legs to chase women (perhaps, if he can still climb aboard, a Harley Davidson, as per the Nicholson/Fonda/Hopper cult film of 1969, Easy Rider?), this one doesn’t quite make the cut.

Nice try but at least Bang made a bang on The Moodie Blog.

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  • So effectively this piece is lamenting there is little life left in “the old dog”….just a lot of grumbling. He obviously is unaware of the “old bull” joke!Poor guy.

    Mmm prefer to hear how you can wear out a young Lab..that is some achievement! Are you throwing poor PR offers out for him to catch and retrieve? Moodie dog could be a great waste disposal system.