Home cinema – at the airport

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How often so you see something truly innovative in the commercial offer at an airport, something that adds value to the business, entertains passengers and encourages spend? 

Not often enough, we think, but Moscow Domodedovo’s DVD Cinema Bar concept is one such idea – we haven’t seen anything quite like it at any other airport. The idea is simple: you rent your DVD from a library of movies, grab a beer or some popcorn, and take your place in one of the 10 film booths, which each sit two to three people.

The booths are secluded enough that you can enjoy the movie in peace, even though you’re right in the centre of Russia’s busiest airport. And if you have to wait for a booth to come free, you can sit at the bar and have a drink.

The concept also trades on the travelling habits of Russians. Many arrive three or more hours before their flights, to get through security and passport control and to enjoy the duty free offer. Domodedovo is also a busy transit airport, with long layovers for many onward travellers. So there’s demand for activities that pass the time and that entertain.

In recent years Domodedovo has been Russia’s airport innovator, raising standards that its competitors in Moscow are now aiming to match. With ideas like the DVD Cinema Bar, Domodedovo is staying one step ahead of the game.

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