Homeless finds a home in Hong Kong

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

In a recent Blog I talked about an imminent opening at Hong Kong International Airport called Homeless HKG after the container-like façade of the ‘coming soon’ store caught my attention.

I can report that the store is now open and that it’s already proving a popular addition to the extensive landside shopping line-up at this great airport.

The company describes its offer as including furniture, lighting, gifts, home accessories and timepieces. But that sells it a bit short. In fact, it’s full of quirky items that make great gifts. I saw (and bought) a map of the world, for which you stick special pins into the cities and countries you have visited (I had to buy extra pins). Anyone visiting Sydney Airport General Manager Retail Glyn Williams should take him one – he’s been to over 15o countries (and rising). For my younger son I bought a Snoopy blanket with sleeves and a front pocket for those rare chill-out moments when he’s not studying.

I could have bought many things, even a briefcase barbeque. Well, perhaps not. But you get my drift. Here’s a store with lots of cool things that young and old, millennials and pre-millennials (even people like me born in the 1800s) might buy. Almost all of it incremental revenue to the airport, I’m prepared to wager.

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