Hooray for Heinemann – and for Hamburg

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Heinemann entrance

Having sounded off about the poor wine offer at Munich Airport, I am happy to say that elsewhere in Germany – at Hamburg Airport to be precise – things are a whole lot better.

Here Heinemann Duty Free has done precisely what Eurotrade does not do in Munich – i.e give the category plenty of space, plenty of variety and plenty of national (and regional) flavour. It treats wine with respect and, no doubt from what I witnessed of customer behaviour, is reaping the benefits.

schloss_vollrads_spatlese1201285893_896__86347_zoomThere’s a really strong German representation (I bought a lovely Schloss Vollrads Riesling Spatlese with superb citrus character and a crisp minerality that I just happen to be supping as I pen this Blog late in the night under the useful pretence that it adds flavour to my writing) and a nice mix of reds and whites from a range of wine-producing countries.

Heinemann wine 5

heinemann wine more

Champagne too is showcased in style (and, yes, there are some good German Sekts) and I liked the Moët Ice Impérial promotion (below) very much.

I’ve noticed this excellent initiative from Moët & Chandon in a few airports this year (it’s touted as the world’s first Champagne specifically created to be enjoyed over ice) and everywhere it lends dazzle, vibrancy and a sense of holiday spirit to the store.

The white frosted glasses are fun and the sweetness of this blend is nicely offset by the ‘big chill’ factor. Most of all, it simply makes passengers stop and look. That’s what it’s all about, after all. Once you get them into the store, the job becomes a lot easier.

heinemann moet

Heinemann moet 2

There’s plenty else to admire about the shop – open, accessible and with all categories (including the often-neglected confectionery and fine foods sector) given good space and ranging. There’s a  strong emphasis on local products too – something that I believe should be mandatory in every tender proposition around the world. Oh yes, and a brilliantly quirky Hendrick’s gin promotion.



Heinemann's choice

Heinemann fauchon

Heinemann sweets

Heinemann 2

Heinemann 3

Heinemann info

Hamburg baskets

Hamburg is also a delightful, easy-to-use airport with some nice specialist retail (despite its slight sterility, I liked Suncatchers by Nuance for its accessibility and ease of trying on different sunglasses) and food & beverage outlets (including the excellent Marché).

So, it’s a case of hooray to Heinemann and for Hamburg. And a reminder that not all duty free wine offers were created equal.

Hamburg Marche

Hamburh Suncatcher

Hamburg baskets

Hamburg duty free

Hamburg promotion

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