From the Horseshoe Tavern to Bruxelles

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“I play wherever I travel. I’d love to play in new places, in Europe too if possible.” The words of Jeff Orson, speaking to us last year as he told us of his story of recovery from cancer, aided by his love of music and song-writing. Jeff’s inspiring story resonated with many readers, and now has a new chapter: last week he brought his music to Dublin, and made a long-held dream come true.

Through the lens: Jeff Orson’s publicity for his first appearance in Europe

Duty free veteran Jeff is in Ireland for a William Grant & Sons gathering for Tullamore Dew – and along with Regional Marketing Manager Richard Bush arrived early to test reaction to his work on the demanding stage that is Dublin’s music scene.

Jeff captured the imagination of the city from The International bar to Bruxelles, where rock band Thin Lizzy began their journey to fame

It’s safe to say that the city welcomed him like a long lost son. Jeff played some of the great iconic venues, such as the International Bar, the Bleeding Horse, Mother Reilly’s and Bruxelles – the last named famous for being a starting point for the career of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy. It continues a proud track record of venues in Jeff’s short career: closer to home he has also starred at Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern, which has hosted many major names from The Rolling Stones to The Police.

Not only that, but he ended up making a recording courtesy of a producer who spotted his talent on an evening out.

Walking the walk: Jeff Orson giving Dublin a taste of his music on Grafton Street (Photos: Richard Bush)

Because of other commitments I only caught up with Jeff on the final leg of his Dublin tour, at the Bleeding Horse, where he was the undisputed highlight of an ‘open mike’ evening.

He said: “This has been the trip of a lifetime. Last year at the FDFA Convention we talked about me maybe playing in Dublin and I’m thrilled to have made it happen. I’m stunned by the reception I’ve had and also by the quality of the musicians and song writers I’ve met. One thing is sure: I’ll be back.”

That time can’t come quick enough. When you come again, Jeff, Dublin will be ready.

Jeff plays the ‘open mike’ night at South Dublin’s Bleeding Horse bar on Sunday

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