How the Whirlwind Walsh World Tour will send a terminally ill child on the trip of a lifetime

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

He may have stepped back from the business but long-time Premier Portfolio co-owner Kevin Walsh has not stepped back in the slightest from his long-standing commitment to helping those in need.

Kevin and wife Bridget (pictured below) have embarked on a challenge to help send a terminally ill child on a Dreamflight trip of a lifetime (“Once we can all travel again,” as Kevin notes).

Kevin shows off his sporting prowess, having won the coveted Blue Jacket at the annual Moodie International Superstars Honorary Invitation Trophy (MIS-HIT) golf tournament in Cannes in 2019. He is pictured with (from left) Dermot Davitt, wooden spoon (Orange Trouser) winner Sunil Tuli, and Martin Moodie

The Walshes are taking part in what’s been dubbed ‘The World Tour’ for Dreamflight this month. They will virtually travel (walking and cycling) some 44,000 kms to circumnavigate the globe while raising funds for this fantastic cause.

Dreamflight is a UK registered charity, established in 1987, that takes 192 children (aged 8-14 years)  with life-threatening, life-limiting illnesses and/or disabilities on a life-changing trip to Orlando, Florida. Those flights might be suspended for now but they will start again soon enough and the brilliant concept will be even more important than ever.

The experience is not just a holiday for these children, say Kevin and Bridget. The kids have the most amazing experience making new friends and  increasing their self-confidence. “We would be very grateful for any small donations you or your readers can make to our fundraising effort,” Kevin told me this week.

The way we were: (Left to right) Kevin Walsh, Andrew Webster and Garry Maxwell celebrate Premier Portfolio’s tenth anniversary in Cannes in 2008. The business would continue to flourish for another 11 years before COVID-19 stopped it in its tracks. Garry Maxwell has since formed his own enterprise GMax Travel Retail.

As I mentioned, Kevin (and Premier Portfolio) have a commendable track record in this regard. “Having raised funds in the past for Breast Cancer Awareness, Great Ormond Street, Dubai Duty Free Foundation, and the Freddie McGuire Trust in the past I thought it would be great to do something now that I’m in forced retirement,” he told me. “I know times are hard for everyone and every little helps.”

Bridget in pre-pandemic days; now in COVID-ravaged Britian, just about all travel has to be virtual

If you would like to keep Kevin and Bridget motivated on their epic virtual journey and send a child who needs cheering up way more than any of us complaining about COVID-related restrictions on their own dream trip, please click on this link. Most of us cannot travel at present but the Whirlwind Walsh World Tour is ensuring that at least one child can in the near future.

The Whirlwind Walsh World Tour is well under way

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