In the pink in Dubai

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Cancer Research UK (  is US$1,000 better off, following the recent Dubai Duty Free Golf World Cup and related ‘fringe’ events.

At the Dubai Duty Free Golf World Cup, Abu Dhabi Airport Company’s Dan Cappell and his various playing partners raised nearly AED800 (US$218) from on course ‘fines’, a figure presented to me at the after match function to deliver to the charity.

Then at the prestigious ‘Pinkie Pairs’,  organised by Premier Portfolio a few days earlier, some AED2,220 (US$605) was raised for the same cause.

That makes US$823, a figure I am delighted to personally round up to US$1,000 for an organisation that has been responsible for saving countless lives and which is working hard, along with its international counterparts, to rid the world of this terrible disease.

On a less serious note, we can present world exclusive pictorial coverage of the winner of the 2011 Pinkie Pairs, King Power Group Travel Retail & Managing Director Sunil Tuli, who is also President of APTRA (A Pinkie Trophy Rightly Allocated).

[Sunil Tuli, wearing the prestigious Pink Jacket), the Pink Panther (centre) and Premier Portfolio Director Andrew Webster at the prize-giving ceremony]

Normally golf tournaments are won based on the least number of strokes or the largest number of stableford points. Apparently the Pinkie Pairs is different.  The industry’s most famous Indian tee-planter won the prestigious ‘Pink Jacket’ for “the most infractions (23)”, according to Premier Portfolio Director Kevin Walsh.

We won’t ask what a golfing infraction is; simply note that Sunil is obviously prone to them. For once at least, his game is in the pink.

In keeping with tradition, Sunil will now have his name embroidered on the back of the jacket, below those of previous winners Andrew Webster and Dan Kongsted, which neatly sums up both the sartorial and golfing standards involved.

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