Irish generosity in a frame

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.
Martin Moodie

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The other day a huge parcel arrived at Moodie Report HQ from Dubai Duty Free. As I was away from the office my colleagues puzzled over what this large object could be. Had I won a major prize in a Dubai Duty Free raffle? Was it a giant-sized invitation to the retailer’s next sporting event?

All was revealed when I returned to the office. In fact it was a framed rugby jumper, signed by the victorious New Zealand team from the 2009 Dubai 7’s tournament.


Dubai Duty Free Managing Director Colm McLoughlin, who knows my love of the All Blacks and all things Kiwi, wrote in a hand-written note: “At an auction a couple of months ago this shirt came on offer. Breeda [Colm’s wife] and I thought you might like to have it – Best of luck, Colm.”

That gesture, which he will be surprised to see publicised here (I apologise Colm), sums up the man for me. Colm McLoughlin may seldom be out of the industry headlines but he is constantly doing kind things behind the scenes that only the recipients know about, just as on this occasion.

Thank you Colm, your gift enjoys pride of place at The Moodie Report HQ – a suitale testament to Kiwi rugby brilliance and immense Irish generosity.

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