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Anyone who knows Ivo Favotto, The Nuance Group’s Executive Vice President Strategy & Business Development (who is set to return to his native Australia to become Director – Sydney Airport for the company), knows that he plays a straight bat.

The down-to-earth Italian Aussie is one of the good guys in this business, someone who brings a pragmatist’s view to the science of travel retail – and plenty of passion to boot.

Now word reaches The Moodie Blog that the aforementioned Favotto straight bat also applies to the noble game of cricket – and in Switzerland of all places, not his homeland.

Earlier this month Ivo was awarded the ‘Outstanding Coaching Achievement – Europe’ award by the English Cricket Board and Sky Sports for his contribution to advancing the cause of the sport in Switzerland.

As National Under 13 coach and Secretary of the Cricket Association of Switzerland, Ivo ran coaching sessions through the winter months (no, they don’t use snowballs in Switzerland) and helped put together a strong national under 11 team, which competed very strongly during a recent tour of England.

ICC award_individual photo_Small

[Ivo accepts his award from former England test captain Mike Atherton]

In the testimony from the Swiss Cricket Association that prompted the award, Ivo’s fund-raising work was described as “a revelation”. It noted: “Never before had anyone managed to raise so much money for junior cricket, or Swiss cricket in general.”

It continued: “It is fair to say that Ivo Favotto had a huge impact on Swiss junior cricket… in his untiring efforts to organise matches, tournaments and events for young players he has attracted new players to the sport and provided new goals for the more experienced players.”

So, just as Nuance HQ’s loss is Nuance Australia’s gain so Aussie cricket is no doubt set to benefit as its Swiss counterpart bemoans Ivo’s departure.

Along with all our readers, we wish Ivo well back in the shopping lanes (and green fields) of Australia. He’s sure to bowl both sectors over.

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