Korean Air unveils its latest innovation

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.

Korean Air stand_Small

Surely the most talked-about stand at this year’s TFWA Asia Pacific exhibition is Korean Air’s.

The world’s most successful inflight retailer has created a mock-up of an aircraft in order to show off its latest innovation – the first-ever onboard duty free shop.

The shop, dubbed the ‘Duty Free Showcase’, will be a feature of Korean Air’s new fleet of A-380 aircraft, the first of which comes into service in May.

The super jumbo will also feature an onboard bar lounge named the Celestial Bar, sponsored by Absolut vodka. Passengers can relax in the stylish lounge while sipping on a range of Absolut cocktails developed especially for Korean Air.

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Yesterday I went ‘onboard’ the new flight and chatted to Heather Cho (below), Senior Vice-President of Catering & Inflight Sales Business Division/Cabin Service/Hotel Business.

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Heather is a great innovator in this business and expressed her delight that a long-held dream (the showcase store has been in the planning for over five years) had finally come true. Get ready to take a Korean Air A-380 flight sometime soon – onboard duty free shopping will never be the same again.

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