Loewe’s Natural Talent

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We’re a versatile bunch at The Moodie Report, and fortunately, very little fazes us. Interview with Madonna? No problem at all. Dinner with Julia Roberts? Don’t mind if I do. Lunch with a matador? All in a day’s work. Hang on, did you say matador? Yes indeed, in every sense, we have serious range…

The advertising visual for Perfumes Loewe’s new 7 Natural fragrance

The matador in question is none other than Cayetano Rivera, of the famous Rivera/Ordóñez bullfighting dynasty. He is also the face of Perfumes Loewe’s new men’s fragrance, Loewe 7 Natural, and in March this writer travelled to Madrid to interview him, as part of the launch event.

Mann meets matador in Madrid

It was, to say the least, an interesting assignment. Most fragrance faces are singers, actors or models. And while Rivera is easily gorgeous enough to earn his living as the latter, he chooses instead to risk his life in a day job that is either revered or reviled, depending largely on your nationality. It was one of the most interesting interviews I’ve ever conducted.

Bag lady: Loewe’s €14,500 arm candy

Rivera was, quite simply, fascinating. Charming and charismatic, yes, but intelligent, articulate, attentive and polite too. There was no shortage of substance behind the style. He gave an eloquent, honest insight into his world, and what it has cost him to tread his chosen path. He is, without a doubt, an ideal brand ambassador for Loewe.

The launch event showcased not just Loewe’s new fragrance, but also the heritage and values of the house in general. It began with a tour of Loewe’s flagship store in Madrid, courtesy of Store Manager David Mougin. What this man doesn’t know about the Loewe portfolio isn’t worth knowing. He was supremely informative, entertaining and interesting – and delivered a comprehensive masterclass in customer service. He came within a whisker of convincing me my life would be incomplete with a €14,500 handbag (and everyone knows I’m a shoe girl). If we ever extend The Front Line to domestic retailers, I tell you, this man has ‘winner’ written all over him.

Loewe Store Manager (and retail/product genius) David Mougin transforms a scarf into eveningwear in seconds. We wanted to kidnap both

In line with the new fragrance’s ‘natural’ concept, the launch event also included a guided tour of some of Madrid’s most famous parks, and a trip on the spectacular Teleférico cable car. This was followed by a lunch at the renowned Filandón Restaurant, where Loewe 7 Natural was officially unveiled in the presence of Perfumes Loewe President Juan Pedro Abeniacar and, of course, Rivera.

The lunch, itself exquisite, was preceded by a “gastronomic journey” of seven themed hors d’œuvres, each of which represented a different ingredient of Loewe 7 Natural, such as bitter orange filled with creamy chocolate, and red tuna tartar with yuzu juice. Both the wine and the conversation flowed, in what must easily be one of the most relaxed and enjoyable press lunches I’ve ever experienced. It was all, by any standard, a Natural success.

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