LS prepares for a great unveiling in Rome

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Martin Moodie
Martin Moodie is the Founder & Chairman of The Moodie Report.


From Honolulu to Los Angeles to Rome. It’s been quite some few days.

I’m here in Rome, the wonderful city of love, to witness the official unveiling of LS travel retail’s new offer at Fiumicino Airport, long awaited since the French company acquired the former Aeroporti di Roma Retail.

Last night I had a splendid dinner with Severine Lanthier, who heads LS travel retail Italia and who has been working around the clock with her team to have everything ready for the big reveal today, which kicks off a couple of hours from now; and Alexander Twose (right), Communications Manager for Lagardere Services. We were joined by The Moodie Report’s new Multi-Media Manager Ed Lake (left), who is filming and editing a special project for us that we will unveil next week.


The view from the window of The Moodie Report’s temporary Rome bureau (top) certainly helped shake off most of the jet-lag this morning. My visit to what I understand to be a sea-change in quality of retail at Fiumicino, should do the rest.

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